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Tokoname Kyusu Teapot Hokuryu

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A classic Japanese Kyusu teapot created by Tatsuo Umehara

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A classic Japanese Kyusu teapot created by Tatsuo Umehara. Already in the third generation, Tatsuo Umehara is producing ceramics at Hokuryu Kiln in Tokoname. Master Umehara impresses especially with his modern influence in the art of pottery without turning away from the traditional elements.
Tatsuo Umehara was born in Tokoname in 1974 and became a Master of Hokuryu Kiln in 1998. He is considered the inventor of the ceramic tea strainer and has developed many other techniques which are now standard for many potters. With his ceramics he has also won numerous prizes at local and national competitions. For many, however, the beautiful form and the unobtrusive, elegant design of his ceramics are decisive. This teapot has a volume of 300ml and a metal strainer that runs all the way round.

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