Gaiwan blue landscape

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Gaiwan decorated with rustic landscape

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Gaiwan blue landscape

The Gaiwan blue landscape is an exquisite piece adorned with a serene blue landscape motif and boasts a capacity of 150ml. Perfect for all types of tea, its medium volume allows for multiple infusions, enhancing the nuances and complexity of the tea’s flavors. It is designed to elevate the tea experience, making each sip a journey through the delicate landscapes of aroma.

Porcelain Gaiwan

This porcelain Gaiwan’s design is inspired by the rich heritage of the Ming Dynasty, known for its significant contributions to the art of tea culture and porcelain craftsmanship. The blue landscape motif on the Gaiwan is reminiscent of the famous blue-and-white porcelain that flourished during the Ming era, symbolizing elegance, purity, and the high artistic achievements of that period.


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