Tokoname Kyusu Teapot Sunju

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Contemporary Tokoname teapot with a classic side handle

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Tokoname Kyusu Teapot Sunju

Discover the elegance and craftsmanship of Tokoname clay with our exquisite Kyusu teapot. This exceptional piece, hailing from the renowned Tokoname region, known for its high-quality, mineral-rich clay, is a testament to traditional Japanese pottery. Its eye-catching design, adorned with vibrant pink and lime green motifs, is reminiscent of the delicate beauty of spring blossoms and the delightful hues of mochi rice cakes. Ideal for both personal use and social gatherings, this teapot features a user-friendly side handle, allowing for easy pouring whether you’re enjoying a solo session or brewing tea for friends. It is particularly suitable for all Sencha, Kabuse Sencha and Gyokuro.

Equipped with a practical metal sieve, it ensures a smooth, leaf-free tea experience every time. The 200ml capacity is perfectly sized to cater to your daily tea rituals, making it a versatile choice for any tea enthusiast. More than just a brewing vessel, this Tokoname Kyusu teapot is a piece of art, adding a touch of charm and sophistication to your tea collection. Whether it’s a relaxing morning brew or an afternoon tea break, this teapot is ready to transform each cup of tea into an unforgettable experience, no matter the season. Embrace the blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal with this Tokoname Kyusu teapot – a must-have for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

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    Total schick und liegt gut in der Hand. Passt super für ein oder zwei Personen aber für mehr ist das Volumen leider zu klein. Lässt sich gut abgiessen und verstopft nicht.

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