Pinglin Wuyi Oolong

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Wuyi cultivar from Mingjian, vintage 2014, traditionally processed Dongding style


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Pinglin Wuyi Oolong

In Taiwan, the name Wuyi refers to a specific cultivar and initially has nothing to do with the tea-growing region of Wuyishan in China. It has been cultivated on Taiwan for a very long time, so its traces are lost in the dark past. Nevertheless, it is very likely that tea plants from Wuyishan came to Taiwan in the 19th or 18th century, were cultivated there and then got the name Wuyi cultivar. The Wuyi cultivar is also cultivated in Taiwan, following the tradition of Wuyishan, rather more oxidised and more roasted. In the Muzha region, it is often processed in the classic Tieguanyin style, and in Pinglin it is twisted more in the Wuyishan tradition.

This Wuyi Wulong is from Pinglin and was processed in the traditional way. The medium oxidation and roasting does not overpower the tea’s own aromas but intensifies and refines the overall composition. The golden yellow infusion colour shows the medium degree of oxidation and the light roasting. The aroma is quite complex and difficult to describe, but if you have drunk Wuyi several times, you will immediately recognise it by its typical varietal character, which is quite different from the 4 classics on Taiwan (Qingxin, Jinxuan, Cuiyu, Sijichun). The first impression is usually rather spicy and herbal, but when you taste it further, the fruity-floral notes of the Wuyi cultivar suddenly come through, giving it its very own charm.

As a passionate tea drinker, one feels the constant reduction to fewer and fewer cultivars in tea cultivation as a great loss of diversity. After all, no other cultivar among all tea types can boast such a wide range of flavours and characteristics as oolong teas. The Wuyi cultivar shows a small, for most quite unknown, part of the rich world of oolong teas from Taiwan.

Due to the traditional processing, it can be stored without any problems and without losing its aroma. With increasing age, the aroma changes and develops its very own charm.

Harvest date: spring 2022
Aroma: complex, herbal-spicy, with notes of citrus
Oxidation: about 60%
Roasting: medium
Terroir: Pinglin, Taiwan
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Oolong tea in an optimal way.
Tip: The aroma in the mouth unfolds best when Pinglin Wuyi Oolong is not drunk too hot. Waite until it has cooled down a little bit in the cup.
This tea is especially suitable for infusion in a large cup or a larger pot as it does not become bitter and it is very high-yielding. The infusion does not need to be poured off, simply let the tea leaves sink to the bottom.

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