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Mansa Gushu Huang Pian Spring 2016

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A well matured Huang Pian


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Mansa Gushu Huang Pian

For this Zhuancha we used Mansa Gushu Huang Pian from our popular Mansa area. The tea trees in Mansa are partly shaded and partly at the blazing sun. This special condition results in a particularly balanced aroma. The shaded tea leaves are particularly flowery in the aroma, while the sun-kissed tea leaves provide a strong Cha Qi.

Huang Pian material like this consists of the larger and older yellow leaves which are sorted out during the Pu-Erh during processing. The result is often a tea that is mellow and sweeter and also mor e economic than the original.

This tea was stored in Xishuangbanna for four years and is therefore very ripe for its age.

Mansa Tea Mountain

Mansa Tea Mountain is located in the Yunnan province of China and is renowned for its production of high-quality Pu-erh tea. This region is characterized by its rich biodiversity and ideal tea-growing conditions, which include a favorable climate, fertile soil, and abundant rainfall. The teas from Mansa are well-regarded for their distinct flavor profiles, often attributed to the unique terroir of the area. Mansa Tea Mountain has a long history in tea cultivation, contributing significantly to the reputation and heritage of Chinese tea culture. Pu-erh tea from this region are especially prized by tea connoisseurs worldwide.

Who are Tea Master Panda and Yang Ming?

Tea Masters Panda and Yang Ming are good friends and experts when it comes to Pu-erh. Yang Ming is a local tea farmer of Yiwu and descendants from a family with a long tradition in Pu-erh making. Incidentally, our popular Lucky Bee teas are from Yang Ming’s tea fields. Tea Master Panda is originally from Sichuan (hence his nickname) and came to Yunnan due his passion for Pu-erh tea. In addition to Pu-erh, he is also a Master of calligraphy and has extensive knowledge of Chinese history.

Harvest: Spring 2016
Pressed: 2016
Typ: Sheng
Aroma: Flowery, a lot Cha Qi and a sweet aftertaste.
Terroir: Mansa, Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan province, China.
Preparation: In this blogpost you will find a description of how to brew pu-erh tea
Tip: This tea is ideal to mature a few years

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