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Gopaldhara Gold

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FTGFOP1 Second Flush Muscatel Tea


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Gopaldhara Gold

Gopaldhara Gold is one of the best second flush teas from Darjeeling. This tea has been oxidised by a master hand to extract the full spectrum of flavours. Many different methods are used for oxidation, but they do not crush or cut the leaf. In fact, every time a tea leaf is damaged, it helps the extraction of bitter substances. This tea has a pure aroma without any signs of astringency. It is honey sweet with a fine muscatel finish and notes of ripe fruit. This tea has the best muscatel aroma of all the second flushes.

The tea leaves were all carefully hand picked and only the best shoots with outstanding buds. The tea leaves are from the highest tea fields of the Gopaldhara Tea Estate, which stretch over 5500-7000 feet and are planted with AV2 bushes, the best clones in Darjeeling.

Harvest season: Second flush
Aroma: Aromatic with typical muscatel taste
Oxidation: approx. 90%
Terroir: Gopaldhara Tea Estate, Darjeeling
Preparation: Per serving 5g, temperature 90°C, time 15s

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