Black Rose

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A black tea made of an Oolong cultivar

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Black Rose

Black Rose uses a special tea cultivar from the mountains of Wuyi: Huang Mei Gui – or Yellow Rose in English. Normally is Huang Mei Gui processed into a light and floral Wuyi Yancha, a so-called rock tea. But together with the local tea master we had the crazy idea to produce a black tea from the tea leaves of the Huang Mei Gui instead of a Yancha, which made Wuyi world-famous. Not always but sometimes craziness pays off. This is what happened with Black Rose.

Rock tea or Yancha is grown on the steep cliffs of the Wuyi mountains (Wuyi Shan). The difficult access to the tea cultivation area makes industrial production practically impossible and so this tea is still harvested by hand. Moreover, the producer is convinced that his production is purely organic. This is also supported by the government as Wuyi Shan is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and should remain so. The Wuyi mountain range stretches from 200 to 2058m and has a mild climate with an average temperature of 21°C.

Tea production in Wuyi has a tradition of over a thousand years and the historical knowledge of the art of tea is passed on from generation to generation. Teas in Wuyi are still mostly made by small family businesses and are produced in the traditional way as in the times of Lu Yu.

Harvest date: spring 2020
Aroma: fruity with a hint of citrus
Oxidation: approx. 95%
Terroir: Huang Gang Shan, Wuyi, China
Preparation: This blog post describes how to brew black tea in an optimal way.

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