Bai Mudan Cake 2008

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Pressed Bai Mu Dan


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Bai Mudan, better known as White Peony tea is made like Baihao Yinzhen of the Da Bai cultivar. Bai Mudan, sometimes also spelled Pai Mu Tan, is popular due to the refreshing and light flavor. Other variants are Gong Mei and Shou Mei which is harvested later. However, they are sometimes despite the late harvest also sold as Bai Mudan.

This Ba Mu Dan was pressed 2008 into cakes and stored in Zhenghe for 10 years. Through storage, the fresh and grassy aroma has changed to a hong cha like aroma. A very interesting tea especially for Pu-erh tea lovers.

Harvest: Spring 2008
Aroma: Light, sweet and refreshing aroma
Terroir: Zhenghe, Fujian Province in China
Preparation: Per serving approx. 2g, temperature approx. 75°C, time: 1-2 minutes
Tip: Compare this Bai Mudan to a fresh harvested Bai Mudan.

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