Uji Organic Matcha

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Organic Matcha from Uji


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Uji Organic Matcha

Organic tea leaves from Uji were used for Uji Organic Matcha. The tea bushes used grow on the slopes and in the valleys around the city of Uji in Kyoto province. Kyoto, and Uji in particular, is known as the cradle of the Japanese tea art. Many famous teas such as Matcha and Gyokuro have their origins here.

In stone mills grounded Matcha

To make this Matcha, the tea leaves were shaded for three weeks using Tana before being harvested and then processed into Tencha. The Tencha is then finely ground in stone mills. The finished Matcha is then packaged under exclusion of oxygen and stored refrigerated until delivery.

Koicha and Usucha

Uji Organic Matcha is suitable for both Koicha and Usucha (thik and thin Matcha). But we recommend to try Koicha at least once to experiance the deep and complex flavor of this extraordinary Matcha.

Harvest date: 2023
Aroma: Grassy-fresh with lots of umami in the finish
Terroir: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Variety: Gokou, Yabukita
Preparation: approx. 2g per chawan, water temperature 60 – 80°C

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