Hageshi Matcha tea

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Traditional Matcha from Uji


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Hageshi Matcha tea

For this Ceremonial Grade Matcha, the teamaster used the varieties Yabukita and Okumidori. These tea bushes grow on the slopes and in the valleys around the city of Uji in Kyoto province. Kyoto, and Uji in particular, are known as the cradle of the Japanese tea art. Many famous teas, such as Matcha and Gyokuro, originate here.

Okumidori is a good cultivars and adds a deep green color and sweetness to Hageshi Matcha tea. Yabukita is Japans most famous tea cultivar. It is known for it’s freshness and is often used for Sencha. Our teamaster took advantage of this characteristic to give this Matcha powder a certain twist.

The teamaster has named this Matcha Hageshi. This is the Japanese word for intense and is meant to describe rather the “feel” then the taste.

To make Hageshi Matcha tea, the tea leaves were shaded for three weeks using Tana before being harvested and then processed into Tencha. The Tencha is then finely ground in stone mills.The finished Matcha green tea powder is then packaged under exclusion of oxygen and stored refrigerated until delivery.

Harvest season: Spring
Aroma: Aromatic with a lot freshness
Terroir: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Variety: Okumidori and Yabukita
Preparation: approx. 2g Hageshi Matcha powder per chawan, water temperature 60 – 80°C

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