Summer Honey Oolong

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FTGFOP1 Second Flush Muscatel Tea


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Summer Honey Oolong

This is one of the finest summer teas produced from the high quality AV2 bushes of Rohini Tea Estate. In June, when the second flush teas are harvested, the rise in temperature also leads to an increase in the insect population. The cicadas, also called green flies in Darjeeling, feed on the tea leaves for a few weeks. During this time, they suck out the moisture, causing the leaves to shrivel downwards. The loss of moisture does not destroy the leaf, but inhibits its growth, which leads to a concentration of aromas. In addition, the plant secretes attractants that attract the cicada’s natural enemies. During the fermentation process, these aromatic substances are then released, which in turn make the tea complex and aromatic. It is a freak of nature that the muscatel aroma of Darjeeling Second Flush teas is the result of a stress reaction to insect infestation.

This summer oolong consists of the fully grown tea leaves and a few silver tips. It is brewed into an aromatic, light amber cup with a very smooth aroma and no astringency. The tea has a sweet and fruity muscatel character with a finish of honey and mango flavours. A convincing Oolong and a real pleasure, definitely one of the best teas from Rohini Tea Estate.

Harvest season: Summer
Aroma: Sweet and fruity muscatel notes with a finish of honey
Oxidation: Approx. 50%
Terroir: Gopaldhara Tea Estate, Darjeeling
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Summer Honey Oolong in an optimal way.

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