Oolong Four Seasons

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Oolong Four Seasons

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The stronger roasting gives this only slightly oxidized Oolong Four Seasons its strong aroma. It is won by the exceptional tea variety Si Ji Chun (four seasons). As soon as you open the packaging, various floral scents flow towards you without being intrusive. Oolong Four Season is unpredictable like the four seasons and not easy to handle. But if you get involved with it, you will be rewarded with its long-lasting and charming floral notes that flatter the palate. Oolong Four Seasons glows honey-yellow in the cup and should definitely be infused several times.

Harvest time: spring 2016
taste: strong aroma with long-lasting and charming floral notes.
oxidation: approx. 20%
Terroir: Family business from Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand.
Preparation: approx. 3 g per pot, water temperature 95 ° C, Brewing time 1-2 minutes for the first and + 10s for each subsequent infusion. First rinse the leaves briefly.
Tip: We recommend a Gaiwan or a transparent tea maker for this impetuous oolong as this allows the infusion to be optimally controlled.

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