Mei Zhan rock tea

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Mei Zhan from Wuyi Shan


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Mei Zhan rock tea

Discover the exquisite Mei Zhan rock tea, a rare gem originating from Anxi and now also cultivated in the revered Wuyi Mountains. The unique terroir of these mountains elevates Mei Zhan rock tea to an exceptional level, promising a tea experience that’s truly unforgettable.

Organic teas

Nestled in nearly inaccessible terrain, industrial production of this tea is virtually impossible, preserving its traditional hand-harvested essence. The manufacturer also produces out of conviction organic teas, a practice encouraged by the government to maintain the natural integrity of Wuyi Shan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Wuyi Mountain range, soaring between 200 to 2058 meters, boasts a gentle climate with an average temperature of 21°C, ideal for cultivating our distinct tea.

Wuyi Yan Cha

The art of tea production in Wuyi is steeped in a millennium of tradition, with ancestral wisdom passed down through generations. This particular variety is cultivated by the Chen family of Wuyi Shan, who, with centuries of knowledge, process it into an unparalleled class of Oolong. It’s no surprise that the Chen family’s teas recently clinched the top two positions in the Wuyi Yan Cha Championships, with their Rou Gui and Shui Xian varieties.

Charcoal roasted tea

In keeping with tradition, the Chen family employs time-honored techniques in tea production. The leaves for our Mei Zhan rock tea are carefully dried and withered on bamboo trays before being masterfully roasted over a charcoal fire in bamboo baskets.

The intense roasting process, more robust than that of Taiwanese Oolong, imparts a durability to this Wuyi Yancha, making it a perfect choice for connoisseurs who appreciate aging and maturing fine teas to perfection.

Harvest: 1.5.2019
Aroma: Mineral with a fruity scent
Oxidation: approx. 55%
Roasting: medium
Terroir: Da Shui Keng, Wuyi, China
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Mei Zhan Oolong tea in an optimal way.
Tip: Experience the full depth of flavor this tea offers by enjoying it at just the right temperature. For the best aromatic experience, we recommend savoring the tea after it has cooled slightly in the cup, allowing the intricate flavors to fully unfold on your palate.

Mei Zhan rock tea is versatile and can be brewed either in a large cup or a teapot. Its remarkable quality ensures that it never turns bitter, even when steeped for an extended period. Plus, it’s highly efficient – a little goes a long way. Conveniently, there’s no need to strain the tea. Simply let the leaves settle naturally at the bottom and enjoy your perfect brew.

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