Handpicked Organic Kamairicha Sakimidori

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Hanpicked organic Kamairicha from Gokose – Sakimidori cultivar


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Handpicked Organic Kamairicha Sakimidori

All over Japan, green tea is steamed and rolled into fine needles. All of Japan? No! A village populated by indomitable tea farmers never stoped processing green tea in the traditional way.

Situated at an altitude of 1200 – 1600m, summers are hot and winters snowy in the small village of Gokase. Located between Miyazaki Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture, it overlooks the beautiful Mount Aso. The dense fog that settles over the tea fields is breathtaking. The temperature differences between the seasons are great, making the area not only beautiful, but also an ideal place to grow tea.

Our tea producer from Gokase has been growing purely organic for over 40 years. The beginning was hard and there were years when they literally couldn’t harvest anything because of pest infestation. But at some point they realised: It’s not about controlling nature, because nature gave us this land. It is about growing tea that nature allows here, it is about creating something special and unique for this place.


The very first tea in Japan is traditionally hand-picked. This means that hand-picked tea is the earliest possible harvest, which in turn results in finer flavours and less astringency. In addition, hand-picked tea leaves separate from the tea bush at the predetermined breaking point. This means that the tea leaf is less damaged and oxidises less. Last but not least, only the best tea leaves are selected for hand-picking.

Harvest season: Spring
Aroma: Strong, adstringent, umami an a clean finish
Terroir: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan
Varietal: Sakimidori
Steaming: non (pan roasted)
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Japanese green tea in an optimal way.

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