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Gao Shan Yun Wu

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An extraordinary Yun Wu tea from Gao Shan


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Gao Shan Yun Wu

Yun Wu is one of the most popular green tea in China. This tea is also known as Cloud and Mist tea. The name is derived from the fact that the kind of tea is cultivated on mountains covered with clouds and fog. The most famous Yun Wu green teas are from Lu Shan and Huang Shan.

Gao Shan Yun Wu is a green tea from Gao Shan in Fujian. It’s not as famous as our Huang Shan Mao Feng or other teas from Huang Shan but it’s one of our favorite teas nevertheless. This, due to it’s sweet taste and deep green colour. In fact, it reminds us rather of Japanese gyokuro or kabuse sencha than traditional Chinese green tea.

Harvest season: Spring
Aroma: Aromatic and very sweet
Terroir: Gao Shan, Fujian Provinz, China
Preparation: Per tea pot appx. 2g, temperatur appx. 80°C,  time: 1 minute
Tip: Use for this tea a gaiwan.

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