Dento Hon Gyokuro Zairai

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Zairai Gyokuro – a rarity


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Dento Hon Gyokuro Zairai

This Yame Gyokuro is meticulously cultivated and processed using the traditional “Dento Hon” method, known for its natural and unspoiled approach to tea production. Unlike the usual practice of trimming tea bushes into neat rows, the bushes in “Dento Hon” fields are allowed to grow naturally. Although these tea fields may not possess picturesque aesthetics and mechanical harvesting is rendered impossible, they yield an extraordinary aroma as a result. Furthermore, these tea bushes are shaded with straw mats called “Sumaki” in Yame, while elsewhere they are referred to as “Honzu,” for a minimum of 20 days prior to harvest.

Zairai green tea cultivar

The Zairai variety used in this Gyokuro is unique as it is not a cultivated strain but rather a seed-grown tea plant. Many tea farmers find Zairai less appealing due to the genetic variations and unpredictable behavior exhibited by each individual plant. Harvesting Zairai requires significant additional effort and its cultivation remains a rarity, despite recent efforts to reconsider its value. However, the TeaMania team specifically sought out Zairai for its natural aroma and to support biodiversity. Although working with Zairai poses challenges, Mr. Takaki successfully created a truly exceptional and unparalleled Gyokuro using these tea plants.

Harvest: April 2023
Aroma: Very sweet with a immense amount of umami
Terroir: Hoshino, Prefecture Fukuoka, Japan
Varietal: Zairai
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Japanese green tea in an optimal way.

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