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Honyama Kabuse Sencha

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Shincha Kabuse Sencha from Honyama


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Honyama Kabuse Sencha

Introducing our Honyama Kabuse Sencha, a premium tea from the esteemed Honyama region, also known as Tamakawa, revered by Japanese tea connoisseurs as one of the top tea-growing areas. Nestled where the Abe River springs, Honyama boasts ideal conditions for cultivating top-quality tea. The region is characterized by cool, clear nights and misty mornings, along with narrow valleys that naturally shade the tea fields. This unique environment delays the harvest by about a month compared to teas from lower-lying areas near Shizuoka city, allowing the tea leaves to develop a richer flavor profile.

The tea leaves for our Honyama Kabuse Sencha are shaded with kabuse before harvesting, enhancing the plants’ umami production. This not only enriches the taste but also significantly improves the tea’s storability. During our visit, we sampled the previous year’s harvest and found it indistinguishable in quality from the new harvest, a testament to the exceptional preservation qualities of this tea.

Our faith in Mr. Sato’s teas is so strong that we’ve included his entire collection in our assortment. Upon our request, Mr. Sato crafted an exclusive batch of hand-picked and rolled Sencha. We were fortunate to secure 200g of this rare tea, the result of an entire day’s production. In the steep slopes of the Honyama mountains, where traditional harvesters cannot be used, Mr. Sato and his wife personally oversee the entire tea production process.

Mr. Sato specializes in single-variety teas, eschewing the blends often produced by larger companies. While blends are not inherently inferior and have their place in our assortment, we believe that single-cultivar teas like Honyama Kabuse Sencha offer a more intriguing tasting experience, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the unique characteristics of each cultivars. Blends, on the other hand, offer a more balanced profile.

Harvest season: Spring
Aroma: Sweet and refreshing aroma
Terroir: Honyama, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
Varietal: Yabukita
Steaming: Asamushi
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Japanese green tea in an optimal way.
Tip: Use with Honyama Kabuse Sencha rather a higher leaf to water ratio and infuse repetetly for short time. First infusion max. 60s and all futher infusions only 30s as the leaves are already soaked. Use a Kyusu tea pot.

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