Chawan Kikkamon

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An extraordinary Matcha bowl made of  Tokoname clay

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Chawan Kikkamon

Chawan Kikkamon is a stunning Matcha bowl, completely handmade by Master Katsushi in the classic Tenmoku shape. High quality Tokoname clay was used, which can be fired at high temperatures thanks to its enormous iron content. A pattern of inconspicuous chrysanthemum blossoms is embedded in the glaze. The use of patterns and repeating symbols is Master Katsushi’s trademark. This chawan was fired in Master Katsushi’s own kiln.

Master Katsushi

Master Katsushi was born in Tokoname. He was practically born into the potter’s trade. Nevertheless, he chose to train ceramics in Seto rather than Tokoname. He spent his journeyman years in Kyoto before establishing his own ceramic kiln in Tokoname in 1992 and finally receiving his master’s diploma in 2013. Master Katsushi’s work has won him numerous prizes at the Chozo Prize Ceramics Exhibition, so it’s no surprise that many of his ceramics have found their way to Aoyama Square for Traditional Craft in Tokyo.

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