Big White Gaiwan

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A simple Gaiwan made of white porcelain

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Big White Gaiwan

This simple, white Gaiwan is pure white and has a volume of only 170ml. Due to the big volume is this Gaiwan suitable for grandpa style brews.

The Gaiwan

A Gaiwan, also known as a traditional Chinese tea cup, is an indispensable part of Chinese tea culture for brewing and drinking tea. Its name, meaning ‘lid bowl’, refers to its three components: the bowl, the lid, and the saucer.

Origin of Gaiwan

This timeless tea accessory has its roots in the Ming Dynasty and is characterized by its versatility and stylish appearance. Gaiwans are typically made of porcelain but are also available in materials such as glass, ceramic, or even precious stones. Porcelain is particularly popular as it excellently retains heat and unfolds the tea’s aromas.

When using a Gaiwan, tea leaves are placed in the bowl and covered with hot water. The lid keeps the heat and aromas in the tea during steeping. During pouring, the lid acts as a convenient strainer to keep the leaves in the bowl. The Gaiwan is particularly suitable for brewing fine tea varieties like Oolong, green tea, or white tea and allows the tea enthusiast to fully appreciate the color and flavor of the tea in each infusion. Ideal for Gongfu tea ceremonies, the Gaiwan also supports the tradition of multiple infusions.

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