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Alishan Qingxin

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Alishan Qingxin High Mountain Oolong, Bouquet Style


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Alishan Qingxin Oolong tea

Alishan Qingxin, is a Oolong tea from the Ali Mountain range made of the Qingxin tea cultivar. Qingxin means green heart. It is the cultivar with the longest history of cultivation in Taiwan, the most popular among tea farmers and tea drinkers alike, and by far the most widely grown. When people talk about Wulong in Taiwan, they usually refer to it as “Qingxin-Wulong”. It is the cultivar from which the traditional, genuine Dongding is made.

Since the beginning of the 80’s more and more tea growing areas in the highlands, like Alishan, have been developed. There it has also found by far its widest distribution. Due to the strong temperature fluctuations and the frequent fog in the highlands, these teas are naturally much finer, milder and sweeter in terms of their ingredients and were therefore also intended as a suitable alternative to the Dongding or to teas from the lowlands. Therefore highland teas are especially suitable for a more green processing (bouquet style).

Features of Alishan Qingxin Oolong tea

This Qingxin from the highlands of Taiwan is a light oxidized, bouquet style highland tea. Due to the slight oxidation the tea has a very floral and refreshing character, which is reminiscent of the floral aroma of green tea, but due to the processing as Wulong tea it has a much stronger body and a much more intense taste experience.

With the slightly oxidized Wulong, the leaves are not shaken as much, but are handled much more gently. This means that there are no red leaf edges, which makes the tea taste much more floral and refreshing. The infusion in the cup is also much brighter. The reverberation in the mouth is still clearly perceptible even over a longer period of time and it is a pleasure to trace the character of the tea in meditative silence and to fathom its complex character more and more.

This tea is not roasted and only slightly but nevertheless well oxidized. Thus the character of highland tea is clearly recognizable. Due to the traditional processing it can be stored without any problems and without losing its aroma. With increasing age, this extraordinary Oolong tea changes its aroma and develops its very own charm.

Harvest time: spring 2020
Aroma: floral, with notes of osmanthus and honey
Oxidation: approx. 30%
Roasting: non
Terroir: Alishan, Nantou, Taiwan
Preparation: In this blogpost you will find a description of how to brew Oolong tea.
Tip: The aroma in the mouth unfolds best when the tea is not drunk too hot, wait instead briefly until it has cooled down a little in the cup.

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  1. tannguyen93

    Die aufgegossenen Blätter riechen angenehm floral und erinnert mich an einem Wald im Frühling.

    Im Geschmack blumig & frisches Grün (sanfte Minze). Nach einem Schluck den Qingxin aus der Nase auszuatmen beruhigt und regt einem an ein bisschen Tagzuträumen. Ein wahrlich grünes Herz!

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