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Yiwu Gushu 2011

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Yiwu Gushu

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Gushu tea leaves from Yiwu were used for this exceptional Pu-Erh. We call this tea exceptional because it reflects the character of Yiwu like no other. Sweet, mineral, multi-faceted and the typical Cha Qi which intensifies with increasing storage. This tea was stored in Yiwu until 2018 and has already reached an advanced maturity.

Particularly fascinating is that the tea is quite similar to the popular Luck Bee but has more facets, especially a particullar gushu feeling. Connoisseur know what we mean…

Harvest: Spring 2011
Pressed: 2011
Typ: Sheng
Aroma: Honey sweet, mineral, strong yet mild.
Terroir: Yiwu, Xishuangbanna, prefecture, Yunnan province, China.
Preparation: Appx. 5g per tea pot, temperatur 100°C. Time: Western Style:1 – 2 min, Gong Fu Style: 10s. Rinse the tea leaves bevor infusing with boiling water.
Tip: This tea has potential to mature long time.

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