When tea is steeped it is important to choose the right water temperature. Some people claim that tea must be steeped with boiling water because of risk of germination. That this is not true, we know at least since the introduction of pasteurization. When tea is infused too hot various flavors will evaporate and the tea tastes bland. This applies in particular for light varieties such as Baihao Yinzhen.

So, what is the optimal water temperature? The following list is a rough overview. The ideal temperature may deviate from these guideline. Either because the manufacturer recommends different or if the personal preference deviates from it.

  • Pu-Erh tea about 100 ° C.
  • Black tea approximately 95 ° C.
  • Oolong tea 70 – 90 ° C (rolled Oolong tolerates higher temperatur than loose Oolong)
  • Green and white tea 60 – 80 ° C

If you don’t have a water thermometer following list can be used as a rule of thumb:

  • Temperature of boiling water is about 100°C.
  • Temperature right after boiling is about 95°C.
  • Temperature after one minute is about 80°C.
  • Temperature after four minutes is about 70°C.
  • Temperature after nine minutes is about 60°C

Don’t boil water multiple times. Use always fresh water instead because each time oxygen escapes by boiling which negatively affects the taste.of the tea.

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