Tenmoku Chawan Rust Brown

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Chawan with rust-brown texture

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Tenmoku Chawan

This Tenmoku Chawan symbolized through its rust-brown texture the element fire. Tenmoku Chawan were originally used for the intake of herbs. Through the V-shape it ensures that the powder is collected in the center. A Tenmoku Chawan is therefore particularly suited for Koicha. But, it can of course also be used for Usucha. The extremely light weight and slightly more compact design makes this Chawan is also suitable for small hands and can even be operated with one hand. Ideal for people who preferre hitting matcha rather in the hand. This chawan is handmade and therefore unique. For this reason, each model differs somewhat from the others.

Type: Tenmoku Chawan
Diameter: 11,5cm
Hight: 5,5cm
Weight: approx. 230g
Color: Rust-Brown

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