Organic Sakuramidori Sencha

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Organic Sakuramidori Sencha

Kawane and Honyama are considered by connoisseurs of Japanese teas to be one of the top tea-growing regions. In Kawane, where the Oi River springs, are the conditions ideal for high-quality tea. The nights are clear and cool and the mornings misty. The narrow valleys also provide natural shade for the tea fields. It is therefore not surprising that the tea leaves in this area are harvested about a month later than teas in low-lying Shizuoka.

In one of these beautiful mountain valleys, we came across another highly interesting cultivar. It is called Sakuramidori and impresses with its intense body and a fragrance reminiscent of the sakura blossom. Organic Sakuramidori Sencha is made by a small and innovative farm that has dedicated itself to organic cultivation.


Sakuramidori is actually a well-known tea cultivar. Its genes are found in famous cultivars such as Tsuyuhikari and have given it its full-bodied aroma. Sakuramidori was originally named Shizu 7132 by the breeders. Later, when they realised the potential of this cultivar, they decided to rename it to Sakuramidori. A wise decision in our opinion.

Harvest date: spring 2023
Aroma: intense scent that brings back memories of a warm spring day
Terroir: Kawane, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Variety: Sakuramidori
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Organic Sakuramidori Sencha in an optimal way.


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