Hoshino Kabuse Sencha Tsuyuhikari

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Sourced from the renowned village of Hoshino

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Hoshino Kabuse Sencha Tsuyuhikari

The tea leaves used in Hoshino Kabuse Sencha Tsuyuhikari are sourced from the renowned village of Hoshino in Yame, which aptly translates to “star field.” Nestled in a remote mountain valley, Hoshino offers an exceptional view of the brilliantly shining stars. Kabuse sencha harvested from such mountain valleys, like Yame, is a rarity due to the lower temperatures, resulting in a harvest that begins about a month later than in deeper and shallower growing areas. However, these lower temperatures contribute to the development of more intense and complex aromas.

This particular tea features the Tsuyuhikari cultivar, which shares a lineage with the Asatsuyu cultivar and inherits its delightful sweetness. Additionally, it incorporates elements from Sakuramidori, a Shizuoka cultivar, infusing the tea with a fruity body. The combination of these two cultivars results in a truly unique and captivating flavor profile.

Harvest season: Spring
Aroma: Flowery and sweet
Terroir: Hoshino, Yame, Prefecture Fukuoka, Japan
Varietal: Tsuyuhikari
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Japanese green tea in an optimal way

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