Already at a young age, Severin Fabris recognised his fascination for sensory impressions. As the child of a family that always had good food on the table, his path was paved with a pronounced need for taste. As the son of a fashion designer, a sense of aesthetics was also imparted.

Severin first encountered the tea plant and especially Pu-erh tea during a trip to Laos in the province of Phongsali, where he made the acquaintance of his first tea friend Terti. He invites the budding ceramic artist to a spiritual tea ceremony and leaves tea for the journey ahead. Fascinated by the tea plant, Severin begins a new chapter in his life, learning about tea, its culture and making contacts with tea friends around the world.

Captivated by Gong Fu preparation, Severin evolves in the world of tea and begins to collect tea utensils and curiously explore their effects on tea. The realisation that the shape, surface and texture of the tea ware used has an impact on the final drinking experience encouraged the budding ceramist in his decision to create and design vessels on the wheel himself. The contact with the wheel was love at first turn.

The result was 1Love Ceramics – One Love as a life motto and message that was to be conveyed by the tableware created.

His pieces are created in leisure and retreat in the cellar of his home in Zug, Switzerland.

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