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Formosa Baiye Dancong

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Baiye Dancong, a white-leaved Dancong from Mingjian, traditionally processed


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Baiye Dancong belongs to the Shuixian family and is mainly cultivated in China in Fenghuang. Baiye means “white leaf”. It was never cultivated in Taiwan until the late 90s or early 2000. Today, to our knowledge, there is only in Mingjian a small tea garden where this tea is cultivated.

Unfortunately we can only offer a very limited quantity of this rarity from Taiwan from our personal tea collection. It is especially exciting to compare the little brother from Taiwan with the classics from Fenghuang. Already at the sight of the dry leaves you will notice a small difference. The leaves of the little brother are clearly larger and more ripe plucked than those of the Baiye from Fenghuang, which look more delicate and also much younger plucked and have been twisted much more strongly. This results in a rather mild and not so wild character. The colour of the brew is a bright orange and when you look at the leaves you can see clearly, especially on the ripe leaves, the very light colour which is characteristic for this cultivar. Together with the quite strong red edges one can see a very nice colour composition of yellowish red and green tones in the Gaiwan. The roasting is kept rather mild and sets only light, refining accents to not cover the naturally very fruity character of the Baiye. The aroma is very fruity, with clear notes of passion fruit. After the first infusions, more tart notes come to the surface, as is very typical for Dancongs. For tea connoisseurs it is a rare opportunity to compare this Baiye from Taiwan with its big brothers from Fenghuang and for friends of Taiwan Wulongs a rare opportunity to get to know completely different facets of Taiwan Wulongs.

Due to the traditional processing the Baiye Dancong can be stored without any loss of aroma. With increasing age, the aroma changes and develops its own unique charm.

Harvest date: spring 2011
Aroma: very fruity, typical varietal character, reminiscent of passion fruit
Oxidation: approx. 60%
Roasting: light
Origin: Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
Temperature: water temperature 100°C
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Oolong tea in an optimal way.
Tip: The aroma in the mouth unfolds best when the tea is not drunk too hot, but wait until it has cooled down a little in the cup.
This tea is especially suitable for preparation in the Gaiwan or in a small Yixing pot in Chaozhou Gongfu style. Brewing times should not be too long, as Dancongs naturally contain more bitter substances than other Taiwan Wulongs. If you dose the amount of leaves well, you can still steep it directly in a pot or cup and just let the leaves sink to the bottom and add some hot water if necessary (grandpa-style).

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